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Spinning Jenny joins Friday Night Rocks

Garret Roberts | March 13, 2018

After a successful performance at the Hard Rock Cafe, "Spinning Jenny" will also be featured during this season’s Pirates games. Being featured in the Friday Night Rocks playlist, the band, which includes Julia Balzano, an RMU student, will be heard by thousands of baseball fans.“The video will be filmed at The Stage at Karma on March 15,” "Spinning Jenny's" members said. “The...

RMU represents at the Hard Rock

Garret Roberts | March 4, 2018

RMU rocked Pittsburgh Saturday night at the Hard Rock Cafe with Antz Marching and Spinning Jenny showing the city that the university has an abundance of rock talent. Antz Marching, the headline band for the event, features RMU’s own Dr. Heather Pinson. Given the chance to make another appearance at the venue, she was happy to play and even invited Spinning Jenny to open for the group. A musician...

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Review: Solo – A Star Wars Story

David Auth | May 29, 2018

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" began showing on screens this Memorial Day weekend, yet it is not seeing the original box office numbers that were expected of the movie. Entering as Disney’s fourth Star Wars movie since buying Lucas Films back in October of 2012, it is the second in the “Anthology” series, which is being used to tell new stories not related to the Skywalker storyline. The film was...

The biggest snubs and surprises of the 2018 Oscar nominations

Trevor Young | March 1, 2018

Oscar nominations rarely come without controversy. In a year with so many deserving projects, it would be impossible for the academy to nominate all the films that deserve praise. However, some of the nominations this year did shock me. As a result, I felt the urge to detail some of the nominations (or lack thereof) that shocked me the most. First let’s start with the dreaded “snubs.”...

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“Luke Cage” season two: The best and worst of Netflix

Garret Roberts | June 28, 2018

As Marvel continues their successful cinematic universe on the silver screen, Netflix attempts to show viewers what the grittier “underbelly” of their universe is like through their shows. Adding to the critically acclaimed first season of "Luke Cage," does season two continue the trend of success? Set some time after Netflix’s Defenders series, this series continues the story of the bulletproof...

Jessica Jones’ second season: A hero fighting for our issues

Garret Roberts | March 10, 2018

Airing on International Women’s Day, “Jessica Jones” continues the story of Protagonist Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and her investigation agency, Alias Investigations. After a strong first season, many viewers wondered if the second season of the Netflix series would continue the legacy of this Marvel heroine. It turns out that there wasn't much to worry about, as "Jessica Jones" continues...

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