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Does “Halloween Ends” Do the Franchise Justice?

Finn Lyons, Contributor October 18, 2022

From the moment "Halloween Ends" begins you can just tell that something feels off about the movie. Once the movie really gets going you finally can tell what is really off. The movie plays out much more...

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Big Brother 24: The Underdog Takes the Crown

Kaelei Whitlatch, Copy Editor October 6, 2022

In the season 24 finale that aired Sept. 25, Big Brother named its first black female winner in a non-celebrity season, Taylor Hale. Taylor, after being mistreated and bullied by the majority of the...

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Andor: A Step Away from Traditional Star Wars Shows

Finn Lyons, Contributor September 26, 2022

"Andor" is a far cry from what many "Star Wars" fans are used to. "Andor" is dark, mature and its story is a slow burn. In the most recent years, "Star Wars" has been producing more light-hearted and action...

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Swings Back into Theaters

Samantha Dutch, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor September 9, 2022

The world cannot get enough of "Spider-Man," so the box office hit was brought back into theaters! On Thursday, with the official release day on Friday, the film made its second appearance in movie theaters...

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Ranking All Nine Spider-man Movies

Colby Sherwin, Contributor April 13, 2022

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes in the world. Naturally, Peter Parker and Miles Morales have been part of so many movies. It is time to see what the best movies are. 9. The Amazing...

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Wait, Puss in Boots is getting a new movie?

Aaron Frier, Contributor April 6, 2022

On April 22, 2001, the world of cinema (and memes) changed forever when a green ogre burst out from his house in a swamp for the first time. As many have come to know, this ogre was the one and only Shrek. Shrek...

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OPINION: Spider-Man: No Way it didn’t get an Oscar

Samantha Dutch, Contributor March 30, 2022

Spider-Man No Way Home went off the charts in December, making it the sixth most successful film globally of all time earning $1.8 billion at the box office. Despite this great achievement and all of its...

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Chris got “Rocked” at the Oscars by Will Smith defending his wife

Samantha Dutch, Contributor March 30, 2022

The 94th rendition of the Academy Awards aired last night at 8 p.m. It was a night full of highs and lows, performances, awards, and jokes that did not land. One of these jokes that may not have landed...

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Why ‘The Batman’ was not as genius as fans like to believe

Julia Wasielewski, Contributor March 28, 2022

(Another) Disclaimer: This piece is not intended to insult or offend anyone who was involved with the making of this film; this is solely my opinion and I will admit that I am not the demographic that...

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Pro: Why the new Batman movie is a must see

Nathan Kingston, Contributor March 28, 2022

It has been about 2 weeks since the movie The Batman came out in theatres. It premiered on March 4, and it did not disappoint movie goers. The movie was surrounded by so much hype, and I would say that...

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