Music Review: Sleigh Bells

On October 4, 2003, Mr. Small’s Theatre was filled with fans and the heavy rock sound of Sleigh Bells.

Led by Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, Sleigh Bells is a band known for their distorted sound and heavy beats. Appearing on the rock scene in 2009, they quickly became well known with their hit, “Infinity Guitars.”

Now, getting ready to release a third album, titled ‘Bitter Rivals’, the band launches a 2013 USA tour, with their first stop being Mr. Small’s Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA.

Although the band was psyched about hitting the road again, they did feel a little concerned about the first venue.

“This is the first time revealing the new stuff, so it might be a little sloppy,” guitarist Derek Miller said. “It’s like another rehearsal for us, except live.”

The band was also concerned for the first-time appearance of a live drummer during the set. The band agreed to do away with the old drum machine that they have used in the past and bring in live drums to create the raw and heavy beats.

“I think that it’s a great addition,” said Alexis Krauss, when asked about the addition of live drums to the band. “Not only does it make the sound more real, but it’s just another guy to hang out with backstage.”

The band opened up the concert with songs from their album ‘Reign of Terror’. Songs such as True Shred Guitar, and Road to Hell, which provide the ear thumping sound that the fans have come to love. But it was the return to the true hits such as Infinity Guitars, Demons, and Comeback Kid that made the concert.

Krauss, an elementary teacher before the band, met Miller, the then bus boy for a Brooklyn bistro,  in 2009.

The band quickly became known with their first album “Treats” and soon after released a second album called “Reign of Terror.” Krauss, who before was singing in a small teen pop group, is now belting out violent vocals for Sleigh Bells and she loves it.

“It’s all so crazy to me,” Krauss said, “I still can’t believe that we have made it this far. I love going out there every night and getting to do what I love to do and the fans just make it ten times more exciting.”

With ‘Bitter Rivals’ being released on October 8, there seems to be no end in sight for Krauss, Miller, and the heavy rock sound known as Sleigh Bells.