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RMU Public Relations Club travels to San Francisco

From Oct. 13 through Oct. 16, RMU’s PR club members will be attending the Public Relations Student Society of America’s (PRSSA) 2012 International Conference in San Francisco, California. Throughout the course of their trip, they will be frequently posting to their blogs listed below.

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 Michael Battisti’s Blog

Back To BAYsics

“You want to think about branding, you want to think about yourself”- Emma Shiflett. The speakers for this session were Emma Shiflett and Brooke Kruger.  Back to BAYsics was all about preparing yourself for finding a job after graduation in the PR field.  The speakers both currently work for PR agencies and they talked about the specific things they look for in candidates. The Speakers went over what you need to do to land the job, branding, resume tips, job seeking, and interview tips.  I felt this was the most informational session so far. It did go over basic stuff you knew already, but it took them more in depth and the main speaker added her personality into her session so it made it extremely enjoyable. Two days down, two more to go.

Alex Boham’s Blog

Hospitality and Restaurant PR

This is probably the most beneficial session I have attended so far! It has inspired me to work with my small home town and try to make it the tourist attraction I think it can be! I am so excited to now have found a goal for myself that let’s me strive to better the home town I love!

Andrew Freeman and Company is a hospitality and restaurant consultant company based in San Francisco! They brought the best food title back to San Fran, and I believe it! It’s true! The food here is amazing! I wish I had more time, and money, to just eat and try everything this wonderful city has to offer!

Andrew stressed that the restaurant and hotel industry is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. You never take off your work hat. You constantly are mingling, representing clients, and trying different food from every place you attend! You have to love what you do because you are always working!

It’s a very social industry with drinking, eating, promoting, socializing, and attending events, along with the hard work too.

I got to sit down and talk to Andrew after the session and give him my business card. He has awesome things to say and I am so happy I got the chance to talk to him. Also, I sent a picture of the three speakers to one of his employees for their Facebook page! Hello networking!!!!

While I love food, cooking, and serving tables, the thing I love most about restaurants is seeing people happy. I love making small talk and trying to make each customers experience the best it can be. When that happens, I am happy since they are too.

Have I found my passion? Not quite sure but I love events and food so maybe the shoe does fit! Cinderella continues her search for the PR glass slipper! Ill find my fit! Hopefully soon!

Bye y’all! Off to my last two sessions, branding yourself with the Senior Manager, Executive Communications, at Disneyland Resort, and Spectacular Events on a Shoestring Budget with the Director of Public Relations at Simon Wong Engineering. Laters!

Sarah Cave’s Blog

Jennifer Brown hit us hard at the beginning of this session with the realities of the Fashion PR world. She explained how it isn’t all just glitz and glam- that most of our preconceived notions of the Fashion PR world were probably far from the truth. Again, another speaker with a negative tone. I about pulled my hair out.

Then, Charlie Graham took the stage and lightened the mood. Charlie is the CEO of the incredibly successful site ShopItToMe. Charlie started out in IT and Econ and somehow managed to squeeze his way into the PR world. He highlighted that “PR is just a piece of the puzzle” and “PR is fuel to an existing fire.” These two quotes stuck with me throughout the rest of the session.  Coming from a man who figured out PR without a specialized degree and created the #1 shopping site in 2012, these were powerful words. I always thought of PR is a main component rather than just a piece of something. It put my view of the practice into perspective and made me realize how important the formation of quality relationships are.

Fashion PR isn’t what it’s chalked up to be- this session helped me decide I can scratch this avenue off of my future career possibilities list.

Gabriella Gasparich’s Blog

The most intriguing and fun session of the PRSSA conference was the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) general session featuring Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter. The atmosphere was impressive with a live band, Vernon Bush and Friends, providing entertainment before the session began. Biz followed an introduction by Geoffrey P. Teeter of Genetech, and he used a slideshow presentation entitled, “Things a Little Bird Told Me.” Mr. Stone spoke about success and failure, opportunity, creativity, change, altruism, and what’s next.

The most captivating aspect of Biz Stone’s session was the fact that he used story-telling to make his points, and in the end he stated that he thinks story-telling is the future of public relations. In terms of failure and success, he reminded us all that we must accept error as humans, and “in order to succeed spectacularly, you need to be willing to fail spectacularly.” Although we may fail, Biz urged us to think about circumstances that we can prearrange and then take advantage of because “opportunity can be manufactured.” Prior to this session, I had no knowledge of Biz Stone’s background or what he studied, but he explained his experience in art and design and his apprenticeship in a book cover design business, through which that “creativity is a renewable resource.” Following those experiences, he began his own design studio, eventually began collaborating with his soon-to-be co-founder in Twitter, Evan Williams. He stated that “change is not a triumph of technology, it’s a triumph of humanity.” Also new to me, I learned that he works with Product(RED) which provides medication to people with HIV and AIDS. A very humble person, Biz explained that “there is compound impact in altruism” and that we can all strive to make the world a better place.
I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Biz Stone and the advice he had to offer us. I think it is amazing that he is such a grounded person, wearing jeans and sneakers to present to hundreds of people and speaking from his heart. I have a deeper respect for Biz Stone and the initiatives he has taken with Twitter and will take in the future with his new project, Obvious Corp.

Larissa Houk’s Blog

Carly Maloney’s Blog

Today we went to our conference session number one! We decided to attend Mitchell Friedmans presentation and that was definitely a good choice! He decided to start his own company and it was so great to hear someone with experience. He was talking about how every organization needs public relations and marketing but we need to understand what public relations is. People think it is all about publicity and it is whatever someone wants it to be. Public Relations is more than just publicity and that is important to understand.

I actually got to give him my card after the conference session and he told us to connect with him through Linked in. It is nice to see such a professional be so down to earth.

Until tomorrow!! 🙂

Peter Monteverde’s Blog


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