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2014 – My roommates girlfriend joined a sorority, and for some reason this devastated him. He left our room very upset at 11 p.m. the night he found out and didn’t return until almost 7 a.m the next morning. Later we learned that he just walked around campus for a while, until he moved indoors to finish out the night by crying in an elevator for an hour. Upon returning to our room he said noting, and went straight to bed. After sleeping most of the next day away, he woke up, sat in our other roommates chair and just repeated the phrase “How could she do this to me?” over and over again for like 5 hours.

1995 – My roommate always slept naked!! I could never have anyone to my room. She wasn’t a small girl either! Even if my family came to visit.. She didn’t care. Needless to say she wasn’t my roommate very long. Was very awkward.

2014 – My roommate comes in almost every weekend just black out drunk. There was one time I came back from a night out and I see the door locked and lights off. Usually that means he’s out of the room, so I unlocked the door and turned on the lights only to see him passed out looking like he’s praying on the floor like you would before going to bed. I asked him if he was ok thinking he was just praying. As soon as I asked him, he stood up and I found out he was asleep. He muttered something that I couldn’t understand and then curled up into a ball on his pillow. He struggled to cover himself up with the blanket for 5 minutes before he finally gave up and passed back out. I probably should’ve been a nice roommate and helped him out a bit, but I was having too much fun laughing at him.

I thought he was all good now and sleeping, so I turned off the lights and decided to go to bed. As I was sleeping, I heard a loud “thud” and woke up to see my roommate had rolled off the bed and across the room into the fridge under my bed. He started cursing at it and then tried climbing into bed, but fell off three more times before finally getting back into bed. This would be the end of his excitement for the night.

When he woke up in the morning, he noticed he had a bruise on his arm and didn’t know how he got it. I told him the story and he said he didn’t remember a single thing about that night.

2011 – My roommate made a fake Twitter to follow me before we lived together. She also took screenshots of all conversations I had over social media with other people in our dorm (the convos had nothing to do with her) and sent them to her mom.

2014 – My roommate’s boyfriend was over, so I left the room. She texted me asking when I would be back. Thinking that they were worried about me catching them having sex, I told her I wouldn’t be back for several hours. She responded “oh okay but still text me before you come in so I can put my shirt on”