“Be Enterprising, Be Unique, Be Adventurous”

My third session of the day on Saturday at the PRSSA National Conference was Choosing the Agency Path. I can honestly say that this session helped me to learn what I definitely do not want to do in the field of public relations. Although the presenters, James Robinson and Morghan Jameson both of APCO, were here interesting speakers, the field of corporate public relations is just not what I am interested in. Of course there are different agencies, not all only specialize in corporate campaigns so I was still able to take away some knowledge from the session.  Agency is a good way to learn all aspects of the field of public relations. James said that all agencies should “be diverse, be entrepreneurial, be enlightening, be enlightening, be creative and be collegial.” He then gave us advice of what we should be as public relations practitioners. James said that we should, “ be enterprising, be unique and be adventurous”. I think that these are three great components in making a superior public relations practitioner, in agency or not. Despite this session making me see that corporate agency life is not for me, the speakers were informative enough that I still got a lot out of attending.