Bring Me the Horizon Tour Stops at the UPMC Events Center


Photo Credits: Ellie Whittington

Ellie Whittington, Contributor

Bring Me the Horizon brought their 2022 tour to the UPMC Events Center on Sunday.

The tour started on Sept. 24 in New York. This is the ninth stop on their Post Human Tour.

Siiickbrain, from Los Angeles, California, kicked off the show. This was the band’s first time performing in Pittsburgh. Siiickbrain’s lead singer, Caroline Miner Smith, was high energy and brought the excitement. She played three unreleased songs, and the band had a few very excited fans in the crowd. This band released their first song in 2020 and is working hard to find its place within the alternative music community.

Caroline performed a very emotional tribute to her best friend who passed away, and the crowd responded by waving their phone flashlights to the music. After their set, the band quickly exited and made way for the next band.

Grandson, from Ontario, Cananda, was the next band to perform. Grandson is most known for their songs “Blood//Water” and “Rain” which was in “The Suicide Squad.” Grandson started their set by reminding the crowd that rock is an inclusive community, even though people seemed to have lost sight of that fact, and if anyone was not okay with that, they should leave. He then encouraged the crowd to wave at each other.

He connected with the Pittsburgh crowd by dedicating the second song he performed to Mac Miller. He was highly encouraging of moshing and jumping and even performed a song where people jumped to his lead.

Knocked Loose, from Oldham, Kentucky, was the third set, and the final set before the headlining band. As the stage crew was setting up for the band, several ads played that seemed to ruin some of the crowd’s energy that the first two bands worked so hard to raise.

When Knocked Loose appeared, that energy was restored. The band entered and launched right into their first song. They wanted a circle pit and the crowd obliged. During the set, there was a lot of moshing and crowd surfing, so much so that a crowd member passed out and was removed from the floor. The band paused their set to make sure that everyone else was okay and to remind the crowd to have fun, but to also watch out for each other.

After Knocked Loose finished, the stage crew appeared back on stage to set up for the headlining band, Bring Me the Horizon. It took a bit to set up and ads played again which upset some of the crowd. After a bit, the crowd began to realize that the band would be out very soon and began stomping and chanting for the band to appear.

An AI video was projected onto the screen which officially began the show. The crowd loved it.

Bring Me the Horizon, from Sheffield, England, snuck onto the stage during the AI video. As soon as the video was done, the band launched right into one of their most popular songs, “Can You Feel My Heart” which regained popularity on Tik Tok in the past year.

The pit was moshing and the crowd was surfing during the entire performance. The lead singer, Oliver Sykes, walked through the pit crowd during one of their final songs and said hi to everyone as he sang. The people who were moshing included a person who was in a wheelchair. During the final song, the crowd worked together to allow her to crowd surf. As she was being put down at the front, Oliver gave her a high five as the crowd cheered. The band then exited the stage.

The crowd began stomping and cheering for an encore and the band reemerged to deliver. They performed two more songs, “Obey” and “Throne,” before exiting for a final time.

The UPMC Events Center will host its next concert on Nov. 15 when the Trey Anastasio Band and Goose comes to Pittsburgh.