Media Arts Gallery Hosts Balanced Response Gallery Opening Reception


Photo Credit: Bailey Noel

Video Credit: Zack Jones

Zack Jones, Chief Videographer

The Balanced Response art gallery came to Robert Morris University on January 17 and had its opening reception on Tuesday. The exhibition’s reception was spearheaded by Professor Christine Holtz and Professor Andrew Ames.

Holtz and Ames have been holding yearly art exhibitions in the Wheatley gallery for over a decade now with different themes for different years.

“This show asked members of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh to give us their response to what’s going on [in the world],” Professor Holtz said about what this year’s theme, Balanced Response, means.

The exhibition took up the entirety of the Media Arts Gallery in the Wheatley Center, showcasing work from 25 artists from the surrounding Pittsburgh area.

Holtz and Ames partnered with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and curated the art from over 300 submissions.

“…Looking at the work and deciding what’s gonna work with what, does it fit the theme? So it’s a conversation of us looking at images and deciding what’s gonna happen,” Professor Ames said.

The showcase was filled with art from local artists and is free for students to view.

The opening reception may have came and went, but there is still plenty of time to stop by the Media Arts Gallery before the exhibition closes for good this year on March 17.