RMU Hosts Groundhog Day Watch Party


Students, faculty, and staff gather to watch Punxsutawney Phil and the Groundhog Day Celebration. Photo Credit: Evelyn Luthringer

Hope Beatty, Head Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Thursday morning, Robert Morris University president Madame President Michelle Patrick hosted the school’s first ever Groundhog Day watch party celebration at the gazebo.

The celebration featured a live stream of the actual ceremony in Gobbler’s Knob, Pa. At the event attendees were also able to enjoy hot coffee and apple cider along with doughnuts.

Madame President Patrick explained why she always celebrates her favorite holiday by baking the official Groundhog Day cookie.

RMU Groundhog Day Celebration 2023 (Photo Gallery)


“The official Punxsutawney Phil groundhog cookie,” said Madame President. “I bake it every night before. It takes two days because you have to have the dough sit overnight, so we were able to bake it last night with a group of students. We were very excited about it.”

Patrick also shared her feelings about this morning’s results of there being six more weeks of winter.

“Six more weeks of winter. I’m a little annoyed with Phil, just saying. But it’s like 80 percent of the time he picks winter, but he’s wrong like 40 percent of the time.”

Madame President Patrick plans to make the celebration an annual gathering at the university.