RMU Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Recap


Photo Credit: dzone.com

Max Tate, Contributor

On Oct. 4, RMU hosted one of the most unique competitions that the school has seen in a long while.

The Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament was an event hosted by Resident Life and run by Campus Advisor, Ben Herman.

It was a simple tournament with a 32-man bracket.The single elimination competition was best of five. Once players lost three times, they were out for good. The tournament provided prizes for first, second and third place.

As most people know, rock, paper, scissors is a game that is not known for being very complex. But the CAs representing Residence Life managed to make this simple game into a very competitive tournament. While I was there, students were screaming and cheering watching their friends lose to a rock.

At the end of the tournament, only three could be winners and they were Katie Davis in third place, Ellie Losey in second place and Treston Yoder took first place in the tournament. This event was definitely an exciting experience and we look forward to what Residence Life has in store for future events.