Robert Morris University Holds Paper Airplane Competition


Photo Credit: Anna Slaybaugh

Anna Slaybaugh, Contributor

On Saturday, Robert Morris University students gathered in the John Jay Gym for a paper airplane competition.

Students had the option to make as many airplanes as they wanted. Paper was provided so that the students had the opportunity to make more than one.

To test their airplane to see how far it went, the students were allowed one practice throw.

After the practice throw the students could make changes to their planes before their first real throw.

The students then threw it a first time and if they were not satisfied with the distance, they were allowed to throw it again. Unfortunately, if the second one was a shorter distance they still have to keep it.

One of the students taped where the plane landed and the one who threw measured it with a tape measure.

The winners of the event were third place Shane McMullen with a plane that went 26.33 feet, second place Finn Lyons with 27 feet, and in first place Tyler Graham with 28.75 feet.