Same Ole’ Christmas Music

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Ellie Whittington, Contributor

Every year starting in November radios stop playing the top hits and switch over to Christmas music. Radio stations then play Christmas songs nonstop until a little after Christmas and then resume their normal programming. Most retail workers, and most people, can agree that it gets old so fast. But why does it get so old so fast? The same songs play over and over again, every single year.

Songs written as early as the 1940s are rerecorded by more contemporary artists and re-released. Michael Bublé, one of the artists who people think about when thinking about Christmas music, mainly re-records old Christmas songs.

Very few artists even make the attempt to create something new. Some artists like Sia have tried, but often their music is overlooked and still will not be played on the radio unless it is a “Christmas Classic.”

While this is not always the case, songs like Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” are release every so often. But Ariana’s song is now almost a decade old and there are not many other newer and original Christmas songs.

Locating a specific “why” is hard, but it may just boil down to tradition. Most holidays have certain traditions that people expect, and they rely on, even if they do not like all of them. Christmas is a big time for that, and it seems to encompass the music category too.

This holiday season, try finding some new Christmas music and look into alternative bands, small bands and music from other countries. Find holiday music that is not the same old stuff that has been around for decades because frankly, it is getting old.