The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Reviews Are In

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Colby Sherwin, Reporter

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has come out to some mixed reviews from critics and fans. This short hour and half movie is quite the ride. With such a little run time a lot is packed in. If you plan to see the movie but want to know what to expect first, only read to spoiler free section and no further. With that being said, here are some of my thoughts on the movie.

Spoiler Free Thoughts

In most movies like this, an hour and a half is more than enough time to tell the story. But for this, it feels that even 15 more minutes would have served this movie so much better. After the final fight, the movie just kind of ends. It does look fantastic; the movie is very pretty, and when they have an original score, it is very well placed. Just like every Illumination movie, the licensed songs stick out like a sore thumb, and they do not fit where they are placed. The cast does a fantastic job with standouts Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, and for what they let him do, Charlie Day. The movie is funny at parts, but some jokes do land a bit flat. Overall, do not go in with the highest expectations and you will be just fine. Although it is a fast-paced ride with some heart in it. Stick around for the two post credit scenes. The only real issues are the licensed music, and sometimes the script is very formulaic.

Spoiler Thoughts

The biggest issue as a Luigi fan is there is not enough of him in the movie. Day and Chris Pratt as the Mario Bros. do an amazing job. From the first scene, we see the characters making a commercial, and you really do feel a brotherly bond. It is part of the core strength of the movie. But that being said, splitting them up in the “about the quarter” part of the film was a bit of a mistake. We get a lot less of Day, and he did a great job, it is a shame. Pratt was really good as well, he plays what you think Mario is like during the games. Plus, him and Peach, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, have very good chemistry together: from the training scene, to the Mario Kart part, to all the fights they were in together.

Seth Rogen also plays Donkey Kong well; in his time, he steels most all of the scenes he is in. But none of the cast can hold a candle to Jack Black as Bowser; the second he comes on screen, he sets a high bar. Black plays the King Koopa perfectly; not only does he have the same screen presence as he does in the games, but even when he is going all in to marry Peach, it is a joy to watch. He was everything I was hoping to see.

One other positive was showing the Mario family as they were played great, and did the job they were supposed to do. There could have been a longer run time since as soon as they beat Bowser and save New York, the movie ends. It does look like we will be getting more in this world which is a positive note. In the next movie we need more Luigi, other than that keep an eye out for references to the games, especially the Mario Galaxy ones. They were the best. If you are looking for a quick fun ride, go see this movie.