John Fetterman Holds Rally in Pittsburgh Post Debate


Hannah Shiflett

Fetterman rally at Stage AE in Pittsburgh.

Hannah Shiflett, Reporter

As night began to descend on Pittsburgh, supporters gather at Stage AE in support of Democratic nominee John Fetterman for the US Senate. Less than 24 hours earlier, Fetterman appeared in his first and only debate against the Republican nominee, Dr. Mehmet Oz. The debate was the most talked about on Twitter where it remained trending at number 1 in the US.

Guy Rocco of Braddock made an appearance at Stage AE, along with Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, followed by John Fetterman and rockstar Dave Matthews.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman receive great applause from the crowd as she appeared on stage. One person even took to compliment on her hat which earned a lot of laughter and cheers from the audience. As Gisele went on to talk about her husband, she noted how “kind and handsome” he is. After speaking about her husband, she then introduced the democratic nominee.

The crowd roared with life as signs with the name Fetterman waved high in the air. Supporters cheered as the democrat walked out on stage with his hands held high as he waved back at the audience. The people began to chant his name, no doubt showing that despite the debate, they still supported him.

When Fetterman spoke he mentioned how in less than 24 hours post the debate, he raised over 2 million dollars. A sign that Pennsylvania was going to support him no matter what. Fetterman said that he knew the debate was a struggle. However, he was not going to let someone belittle him for having a stroke.

In a show of hands, Fetterman asked the audience if they have dealt with a serious health concern and if their parents, grandparents, spouse, or children have. As hands raised high, it became apparent that nearly everyone had dealt with a serious health concern.

Fetterman then brought up the hottest statement that had been trending on Twitter since the debate. Fetterman quoted Dr. Oz who said that “an abortion is between her, her doctor, and her local politician.” The supporters booed and yelled until a chant to “Stop Oz” was the only two words that could be heard.

Following the chant, Fetterman committed to Codifying Roe. He then committed to voting on the Respect for Marriage Act which would secure the right to marriage regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin. Fetterman also confirmed that he would fight to ensure that all Americans have access to medicare and social security.

John Fetterman faced a well-loved crowd who cheered for him on and off the stage. When his time was up and Dave Matthews came up dawning a Fetterman shirt the crowd continued to cheer. Matthews said, “we need to take this country into a beautiful world we can imagine.”