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Passion for People: A Detailed Dive into the Journey of RMU Visiting Rooney Scholar Dr. Nicolas Bogs

The Rooney International Visiting Scholar Program broadens the global perspective of Robert Morris University by offering international scholars the opportunity to spend a semester in residence on campus. Rooney Scholars can teach a course, deliver presentations, and guest lectures, and collaborate with RMU faculty on joint research projects.

Dr. Nicolas Bogs, a distinguished professor from Fresenius University in Hamburg Germany, is the latest to join the ranks of these esteemed international scholars. A conversation with him provides a clear window into his commitment to academic education, a passion for people, and a genuine connection to Western Pennsylvania.

This isn’t Dr. Bogs’ first tryst with Pennsylvania. Back in 1984, as a high school senior, he ventured to Butler, PA, as an exchange student. There, he lived with a host family, attending Butler Senior High School alongside his host sister, Beth. “That year laid the foundation for a bond with the area and its people that has lasted more than four decades,” Dr. Bogs noted.

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It was Beth, now a well-regarded professional in the education sector, who spotted the Rooney Visiting Scholar opportunity and immediately thought of Dr. Nic. “She texted me along with the link to the program, stating how perfectly this role aligns with my expertise,” he recalled. His subsequent application led to an invitation from RMU and the Rooney Family to be a Visiting Rooney Scholar in the fall semester of 2023.

Regarding his selection, Dr. Bogs expressed, “It is a privilege to be chosen for a program of such caliber. The vision behind the Rooney family’s collaboration with RMU to foster international education is indeed commendable.”

When questioned about his primary objectives during his tenure here at RMU, Dr. Bogs elaborated on three main points. First, he emphasized the significance of instilling a global mindset in students. “My goal is to make them aware of the broader world beyond their immediate environment, to see opportunities and challenges on a global scale,” he stated.

Secondly, he’s enthusiastic about collaborating with RMU faculty on research, projects, and initiatives. His intent is to blend his professional and academic background with their expertise to further enhance student learning and experience. Lastly, Dr. Bogs mentioned his role as a bridge-builder, connecting ideas, cultures, and people to broaden horizons.

A glance at Dr. Bogs’ professional trajectory reveals a multifaceted journey. He started in media, moved up the ranks until being headhunted by UK’s largest privately owned media group to be on the international board, pivoted to human resources as CEO of an executive search company, and finally added academic leadership at Fresenius University to his professional life.

Discussing his move to academia, he said, “The transition was informed by both my academic grounding in economics and my diverse professional experiences. Leading the Human Resources Master programs at Fresenius, for instance, has been an endeavor close to my heart.”

His contributions to education aren’t limited to his role as dean of HR programs in Hamburg. Dr. Bogs also co-founded the University’s Honors Program, now he is also actively participating in the establishment of an International School of Business in Hamburg, and he hosts a prominent HR podcast in Germany.

On the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications, Dr. Bogs had a clear viewpoint. “AI is here to stay. The objective should be to understand it, master it, and leverage it in the modern workplace. Preparing students for this is crucial,” he commented.

In reflection, when asked about his time at RMU, Dr. Bogs responded, “Every day here presents an opportunity. The potential I see in the students, the dedication of the faculty, and the broader community’s passion is inspiring. It’s these elements that truly make my time at RMU.”

In documenting Dr. Bogs’ journey, what becomes evident is his unwavering commitment to academic education and professional development. As he continues his tenure as a Rooney Scholar, RMU continues to benefit from his insights, his expertise, and his true passion for people.

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