Protests in China will likely have an impact this holiday season


Hannah Shiflett, Reporter

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still rolling in. In China, the government has announced a Zero COVID policy that would seek to stop the spread of the virus and its variants. China, over the last two years, has had a strict COVID-19 policy that has affected the economy in the United States and across the globe.

Due to the Zero COVID policy, protests erupted across the country, saying that the policy is too strict and is affecting their daily lives. This is due to the government shutting down businesses and preventing citizens from leaving their homes. According to Reuters, the policy has been impacting the economy and the daily lives of Chinese Citizens.

With all of the heavy shutdowns of major cities in China, citizens need to test negative for COVID to enter a store or attend work. Hundreds of people have been demonstrating in the streets to voice that they do not want the policy.

Major companies have also been hit by the policy. Apple has announced that they are struggling in getting iPhones made. Many of Appleā€™s factories are based in China, and due to COVID-19 policies becoming stricter, production has begun to fall. Due to the protests and policies, Apple has announced plans to move its production out of China. This move is likely to help Apple go back to its usual production levels; however, it will be impacted this holiday season. Also, other forms of technology usually produced in China will be affected.

Coming in from the New York Times, the War in Ukraine has been a key aspect of affecting inflation and the energy crisis across the globe. Now with protests in China, they are becoming another element that will affect the costs of holiday gifts this year.

However, China has announced they will be easing restrictions from the Zero COVID Policy. This stands as a victory for protestors and those who have their products made in China. Though being so close to the holiday season, shoppers are still likely to see an impact from these protests, along with rising inflation.