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The Dangers of Sex Trafficking

Matt Merlino

Hello RMU campus. This piece is solely from my recollection of Thursday night. Viewer discretion is advised. Sex trafficking can happen anytime and anywhere and I had an incident last week on Thursday night. To clarify, I am a male.


After coming back from Applebees with some friends on Thursday night, I got my backpack and headed to my car. On my car was a necklace with blue eyes, attached to the driver’s side door handle.


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In a panic, I got it off while looking around profusely and threw it to the ground. As I started my car to head back to Yorktown, a Nissan Altima with a Ohio license plate that was about three spaces away started their car and followed me back to Yorktown.


While not thinking in the moment, I pulled up to my spot to see a car pull up right next to me and all I see is a black figure. The person had a black mask and black clothing. I guess once they saw I was a man, the car pulled away. It was quite scary.


This piece here is to remind everyone on campus that if you see something on your car– walk away from your vehicle and call the police.


There are viral videos going around about how sex traffickers will leave something in your car and wait for you to get distracted by it and will take you away.


I will say that I am fortunate that it was me in this situation and not any of my female friends, because the situation would most likely be different.


I informed campus police about the situation and they will keep an eye out if anything else pops up. Also, on the RMU app there is an omni-alert button that will send a message to the police and they will come to your exact location. There are help buttons around campus too. If you don’t feel comfortable, hit that button and you will be in contact with the police.


Students, you need to be extra careful, as this can happen any night. Be aware and alert at all times. If you see something on your car, call the police, and do not go near your car. Go back to where you came from and let someone help.


RMU students, please be safe and always check your car if you are alone at night and heading to your car. Sex trafficking can happen anytime and anywhere. So, please be careful and stay alert.


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