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Top 10 Movies of the 2010s

Top 10 Movies of the 2010s

Sarah Gabany, Contributor January 20, 2020
This past decade has been monumental for Hollywood by providing endless cult classics, innovative storytelling and more diverse representation on screen.
Promotional image for Avengers: Endgame by Marvel Studios.

Review: Avengers Endgame

David Auth, Contributor April 30, 2019

The universe that began with 2008's “Iron Man” has finally culminated in “Avengers: Endgame,” which entered theaters on April 24. The movie is already breaking international box office records,...

Marvel Studios'

The Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares for a new era

Logan Carney, Digital Content Manager April 25, 2019
Before you see the movie, read all about the buzz behind "Avengers: Endgame!"
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Review: Spider-Man

Garret Roberts, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Manager September 10, 2018

A common theme among video games since their conception has been one thing: superheroes. Offering a way to become one of these characters and use the powers present in comic pages, Spider-man has been...

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