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First Amendment on Trial: Students debate freedom of religion court case Marsh v. Chambers

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Soundharjya Babu, Assistant News Editor

November 20, 2019

ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY - The third week of the First Amendment On Trial debates featured the freedom of religion. Debaters Selene Cerankosky and Jacob Toth discussed the Supreme Court case Marsh v. Chambers during the live debate. They delivered their opening statements, rebuttals and had a chance...

Political Science majors debate in second week of First Amendment on Trial

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Michael Delehanty, Contributor

November 12, 2019

MOON TOWNSHIP - The second of the four First Amendment on Trial debates was held in the Academic Media Center at Robert Morris University, Thursday afternoon. The debate was based on the second part of the First Amendment, "freedom of speech". Debaters Kristen Davis and Rachel Pracht examined The...

Professors David Jamison and Ann Jabro put the first amendment on trial with $2,000 grant

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John Blinn, News Editor

October 31, 2019

MOON TOWNSHIP - Robert Morris University students are putting the first amendment on trial. Professors Ann Jabro and David Jamison received a $2000 grant from Middle Tennessee "1 for All" program, that allows them to educate students and the public on the freedoms of the first amendment. The two...