I Prevail: True Power Tour


I Prevail was the final band in the lineup from Southfield, Michigan Photo credit: Ellie Whittington

Ellie Whittington, Contributor

I Prevail recently brought their “True Power Tour” to the UPMC Events Center.

This was the third day of their 2022 “True Power Tour” which started in Ashbury Park, N.J., and will end in Chicago, Ill.

The concert kicked off with the band Yours Truly from Sydney, Australia. The lead singer Mikaila Delgado was highly energetic and began to set the energy for the evening. The band was particularly excited to not only be touring with some big names in the metal, rock and punk industry but also performing on the birthday of their guitarist Teddie Winder-Haron.


Next to perform was Fit For a King from Dallas, Texas. The band took the energy that Yours Truly set in the stadium and multiplied it. They teased the name of the highly anticipated band Pierce the Veil many times and continued to raise the excitement and energy in the room. The crowd in the pit was crowd surfing and the band kept encouraging it. Eric Vanlerberghe, one of the lead singers from I Prevail, could be seen on the side enjoying the show.


Quickly after Yours Truly came Pierce the Veil from San Diego, Calif. The band has been a prominent figure in the emo and pop punk communities for over a decade, and there were fans from the beginning of their band in the crowd. This was their first show in five years. The crowd was singing along to almost every song and the pit was jumping, moshing, and crowd surfing. The band saved one of their most popular songs, “King for a Day,” as their final song before leaving the stage for the headlining band I Prevail.

I Prevail, from Southfield, Mich. entered the stage in darkness, with an audio clip playing before having the lights come up and diving right into their first song, “There’s Fear in Letting Go.” The energy from the crowd was at its peak and held there for the entirety of their performance, even through their slower songs. Gabe Helguera who is the drummer for the band encouraged as much crowd surfing as possible, and at some points, the staff, who was making sure everyone was safe was, struggling to keep up. The band ended their set with “Come and Get It” before exiting the stage.

The crowd began cheering and chanting for them to return for “one more song.” The band re-entered the stage and performed two final songs, “Gasoline” and “Bow Down.” This concert is special for the band because the venue is in Pittsburgh, which is where their very first concert took place.

Looking ahead, the UPMC Events Center will host Conan Gray on Sept. 22, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.