Media Arts department hosts senior showcase


Gabriella Rankin

On Dec. 1, graduating seniors the from Portfolio and Advanced TV and Cinema classes displayed their art in the Wheatley Gallery for the semesterly Senior Showcase.

Professor Andrew Ames of the Media Arts department, who is co-coordinator of the gallery alongside Professor Christine Holtz, shared his thoughts on the event.

“It’s just such fun to see the culmination of their four years. So, for me it’s exciting just to be able to celebrate all of the work that they’ve done here,” Ames said. “This is what they’ve done, and this is what they’re doing professionally now. This is kind of a first showcase of what they can do to the world before leaving RMU.”

Throughout the evening, guests were welcome to come and look at the displays set up by each student.

Patricia “Trish” Bash, one of the seniors whose work is on display, tells us what initially piqued her interest in art.

“I’ve been interested in art forever. I’ve been a graphic designer for 20 some years, and I needed to come back to school to actually get my degree so I could move my career in a new direction,” Bash said. “But art has always been something that I’ve loved.”

Bash, a Media Arts Interaction Design major, also explained the reasoning behind her personal favorite work of art.

“My favorite piece, it’s gotta be, Perilous which is a film noire poster that I painted using India ink,” Bash said. “I used my son for the model for the detective and that’s probably why it’s my favorite, because I got to involve my family in it.”

Towards the end of the event, an award for Best Display was given to Patricia “Trish” Bash.

“I was very surprised and I’m very grateful,” said Bash.

Next semester, the art gallery will be holding three shows: Interaction Now, The Gold Show and another Senior Showcase.