OPINION: Spider-Man: No Way it didn’t get an Oscar


Photo Credits: Marvel Studios

Samantha Dutch, Contributor

Spider-Man No Way Home went off the charts in December, making it the sixth most successful film globally of all time earning $1.8 billion at the box office. Despite this great achievement and all of its positive and emotional reviews, it was not nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. It also lost out to all of the other Academy Awards it was nominated for.

Spidey was merely nominated for Best Visual Effects, which they lost to Dune. Dune had some very impressive visual effects, so I will not argue that Spider-Man: No Way Home deserved it more. Either way, actress Zendaya would have won. I do, however, believe that Spider-Man was jipped of fan favorite movie as well as Oscars Cheer Moment.

Zack Snyder nabbed both of these awards, first taking home Fan Favorite Movie. Army of the Dead, a zombie action Netflix film, took home the award. Personally, I have not watched this movie, and the small clip of it in the Oscars was about to give me nightmares. Besides this, no matter how great this zombie movie may have been to some people, I have not seen nearly as much hype around it as I have for Spider-Man.

It is not like Spider-Man just lost out by one place. It placed fourth in this category. If it was runner up, maybe I would not be so thrown off by it. (No, I probably still would be.) Anyways, according to the Academy Awards, fans liked Minamata and Cinderella more.

One of the biggest reasons I think this is absolute madness is the sheer fact that Spider-Man: No Way Home became the highest fan-rated movie in Rotten Tomatoes history with a score of 99%. Critics were also very impressed with it when it first came out, gaining a rare 100% Certified Fresh Rating. Army of the Dead has a rating of 67%, Cinderella with 42%, and Minamata (which placed third) with 72%.

Not only this, but you mean to tell me a clip of The Flash running got more hype than the three Spider-Men assembling? I was at an opening night showing of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it was one of the most incredible things I have experienced. Everyone in the entire place was yelling and gasping with excitement, for a moment that was twenty years in the making.

The moment that won, unlike the Spider-Man moment, was not even shown in theaters. The Flash Speed Force scene was cut out of The Justice League, and it was just shown in the Snyder’s cut version, a director’s cut later released. The moment of the Avengers assembling in Avengers: Endgame also lost out to this scene. While I am an all around superhero junkie and think the Flash scene was incredible, there is just no way that moments that had entire theaters cheering and that were all the rave for months after the release should have lost out.

I was happy to see Andrew Garfield was nominated for best actor, even though it was for tick, tick…BOOM!, and not Spider-Man…even though he did not win. I think if nothing else, Willem Dafoe should have been nominated for best supporting actor for his role as Green Goblin, returning to it twenty years later even more terrifying than ever. There are many nominations and awards this movie could have and should have received. I think the Oscars missed out on showcasing an outstanding film.