Review: Broadway Aladdin


Photo Credit: Disney on Broadway

Hope Beatty, Head Arts and Entertainment Editor

Over spring break, I got the chance to take in my very first Broadway production while visiting New York City.

From the amazing performance from the actors to the mesmerizing special effects, the Broadway musical “Aladdin” truly was an awe-inspiring production.

First, I would like to commend the actors and dancers for their amazing performance throughout the entire show.

From the singing to the dancing to the acting, the actors and dancers in the performance did a great job. To be able to physically keep up with the pace of the show, while making it seem effortless is truly an astounding thing.

Another performance aspect that I would like to applaud the actors for is the true chemistry that they were able to develop between each character.

If I had to applaud a specific character for their individual performance, it would have to be the Genie. The actor that played him truly brought a fun and upbeat personality to the character through the energy that he put into the physical, vocal, and emotional traits of the character.

I was engaged and entertained the entire time he was on stage, and truly was able to tell when he was off stage.

Although the actors did an amazing job during the performance, it would be wrong not to mention all of the backstage work that goes into a theatrical performance. From the costume designers to the lighting design to the special effect artists to the stagehands, the production crew also did a commendable job bringing “magic” to this production from behind the curtains.

The one production aspect of the play that really stood out to me was the show’s rigging. Along with the rigging going as smooth as it did, the cast was able to seemingly effortlessly cover it up by either using a prop or set piece or directing our attention to a different part of the stage.

From the onstage performance to the behind the scenes work, the Broadway production of “Aladdin” was a truly amazing experience.