The Man of Many Talents: Meet Dr. John Locke!


Photo Credit: Beck Necciai

With the start of the semester right around the corner, Dr. John Locke spoke on what he loves about his job.

Dr. Locke started as an undergrad at Robert Morris University (RMU) in 1999 where he received a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications.

After completing his bachelor’s in 2003, while simultaneously doing an internship with Walt Disney World, he continued at RMU to pursue his master’s degree in Instructional leadership.

Upon completing his master’s degree, Dr. Locke accepted a position with Robert Morris University as the Theatre Production Manager.

“I love putting smiles on faces, I love telling stories, I’m a person who gets energy from other people”, said Locke.

With his love of telling stories and putting smiles on people’s faces, Dr. Locke gained a promotion to Senior Director of Student Life and Theatrical Productions.

In this position, Dr. Locke described his job as “a new production every week”.

With all the student organizations on campus, every day is different, and his job is always changing.

“I love telling stories, seeing the audience, but also being backstage with the students and seeing the talent that goes into making something”, said Locke.

Dr. Locke and the rest of the Student Life staff have been hard at work all summer preparing for the beginning of the year and cannot wait for the semester to start.