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A Celebration for EveryBODY: Delta Phi Epsilon hosts annual ANAD Fashion Show

Sam Dutch

On Thursday at 9 p.m. in Massey Theater, the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon hosted their annual ANAD Fashion Show, an event thrown to raise money for the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

The show featured participants from various campus organizations, everything from other Greek life organizations and club sports to the Women’s Leadership & Mentorship Program and ROTC.

Upon arrival at the theater, there were raffle baskets to raise more money for ANAD. The Fashion Show consisted of three rounds, and at the end of the third round audience members were able to cast their vote for their favorite theme of the night.

The first round was simply introducing the participants. Members were announced as well as the organization they were representing, and then they were escorted to the stage by sisters of the sorority.

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After everyone was introduced, the participants changed from clothing to represent their organization to a fashionable outfit they felt comfortable in and shared facts about anorexia and associated disorders.

There were lots of formal outfits such as dresses and suits, but also some other unique and fashionable fits, such as colorful thrifted pants and shirts from the Sustainable Fashion Club.

Maria Demotte and Makena Hall of the Sustainable Fashion Club showed off their thrifted outfits in the ANAD Q&A round.
Photo credit: Samantha Dutch

Themes came into play in the third round, as each organization selected a theme to dress up as and perform a mini skit or dance related to their theme. Brothers from Phi Sigma Kappa were pirates, members of D1 Club Hockey were chefs, and the two women from ROTC were superheroes, to name a few.

Per the votes of everyone at the event, two brothers from Alpha Chi Ro were crowned the winners of the best theme. They dressed up as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and sang along to “You Belong With Me”. Andrew Cerciello donned a red dress and Caleb Filiault wore a red shirt with yellow lettering that read “karma is my tight end”.

Showcasing their fashionable outfits, fun themes, and representing their organizations to raise money from a great cause, the ANAD Fashion Show once again showed that it was a celebration for “everyBODY”. For more information about ANAD, you can visit

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