Black Friday: Why Prepping for One Holiday has Erased Another


Morgan Torchia

When November rolls around, the first thought on everyone’s mind used to be “Thanksgiving,” meaning a time to be thankful and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the first thought on everyone’s mind has shifted to “Black Friday,” meaning skipping Thanksgiving to fight for the best deals on presents for Christmas. Over time people have been abandoning the traditional holiday to focus on waiting in line at superstores to fight for great items at low prices. But those people may not be fully to blame.

There is an ongoing list of stores opening on Thanksgiving rather than actually opening on Black Friday. Among the list are stores such as Walmart and Kohl’s (Thursday at 6 pm), Best Buy and Toys R US (Thursday at 5pm) and so many more. The reason for stores opening so early is due to them wanting to draw the largest crowds. As other stores begin to open at the same time as others, they then begin to start Black Friday earlier and earlier until they are completely taking away from Thanksgiving.

Some customers are okay with abandoning a day to give thanks to wait in line for that flat screen tv or or new sofa. As for others, they may want to spend that day giving thanks, but still abandon the holiday because they know that if they don’t go as early as possible, there will be nothing left to buy when they finally make their way out there.

It’s not just the customers skipping out either. The poor employees who are forced to work Black Friday sales are now being forced to miss Thanksgiving too because of the shopping takeover. They have to deal with the craziness that’s supposed to take place after Thanksgiving on not only on Thanksgiving, but on actual Black Friday too.

Black Friday certainly does not need to take two days to itself, and it does not need to take over a beautiful national holiday. So as you’re preparing for the upcoming holidays in the coming months, give some time to ask yourself, “is skipping time with your family and friends really worth it to wait in line for material items?” You won’t be able to have another big get together with them for at least a month.


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