Bob’s Burgers Serves Up Smiles


Photo Credit: Joseph Espinoza

Colby Sherwin, RMU Radio President

When you think of adult animation you probably think of the Simpsons, Family Guy, or Rick and Morty… actually I am not touching that last one.

But one that I think is very underrated is Bob’s Burgers. In the show John Benjamin stars as Bob as well as his wife Linda, his son Gene and his two daughters Tina and Louise who all work in his restaurant.

From that synopsis you might not think that sounds like a fun show or one that could fulfill its whole potential but it hits all of this to the full expense. From funny and heartwarming moments to songs that are fun to sing along to and even some songs that are genuine good.

Going off of that the show has been a massive success as of late, as in May it got its own feature film joining only the Simpsons and South Park as tv shows to get movies. This is in part due to excellent writing that not only shows one of if not the best TV families but follows the kids and their every day activities in such a real way and Bob as well. Not to mention the side characters that also steal shows. And when we are lucky enough to get a Lydia episode it makes for one of the best episodes in the show.

This does not mean that it does not have heartwarming moments, such as Bobby Driver in season nine episode six. At this point nine seasons in we have a rivalry with Bob and Edna the art store owner next to Bob’s restaurant. In fact, most of the show shows her and her husband Harold yelling at each other or fighting with Bob and the family. In this episode the dynamics change she needs driven around town and picks Bob to do it. We spend the whole episode seeing what that would be like. It is a nice change of pace and even is very sweet in the end.

Bob’s Burgers quickly has become one of the most underrated shows out there. From the nice light hearted episodes to some real tear jerkers, the show does invoice so much from the audience. If you are looking for a good episode to start with check out the season five premiere Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl. This episode shows the best of the family and defiantly Gene steals the show in that one.

The show will be airing a new season sometime later this year on FOX and Hulu.