“V/H/S 99” Adds Solid Entry to “V/H/S” Franchise

Photo Credit: V/H/S Movie Franchise

Photo Credit: V/H/S Movie Franchise

Finn Lyons, Contributor

“V/H/S 99” plays into the normal V/H/S formula with the exception of a B-plot, and this decision to not include a B-plot is very disappointing. Despite the exclusion of a key element, “V/H/S 99” continues the great work done for the series that we saw in “V/H/S 94.” For most fans the individual VHS tapes are the draw of these movies, and “V/H/S 99” gives us three great tapes.

In each of these tapes, the acting is great, the way that this franchise can take relatively unknown actors and have them give great performances is special. Each actor really makes their fear seem real. This plays into how for the most part these tapes felt really grounded, you do not have to do too much suspension of disbelief.

Found footage movies are extremely hard to pull off and “V/H/S 99” does a great job explaining why these tapes would have been recorded and why it was done in a found footage style. A problem with found footage movies is that despite them allegedly being shot by some random people with a hand camera, they have these extremely cinematic shots in them. This is not a problem that “V/H/S 99” has, and the series as a whole has never had. Each tape really does feel like a home VHS tape that someone would record when VHS cameras were originally introduced. It is these little details that makes “V/H/S 99” interesting.

The problems arise with the effects, and the tediousness in watching “V/H/S 99.” The special effects in the “V/H/S” franchise have always been a selling point, even for their weaker movies. The special effects like gore, or strange creatures always looked natural, and real. In “V/H/S 99,” however, you can really tell how fake everything is. The blood, the guts, the creatures, it all looks ridiculous to be frank. It really takes you out of the experience and is honestly jarring to look at because of how fake it is.

I mentioned a B-plot in other “V/H/S” movies and not having it in this movie really makes it hard to watch, especially if you are a casual horror viewer. The B-plot in the other movies gives you a nice break to take in some other information, and room to have a little slow down from the gruesome tapes.

Even if the effects in this move were not up to standard, the brutality and scare factor where the highest in the whole franchise, and even for a hardcore horror fan you would want a calmer story to go back to in between the tapes.

“V/H/S 99” has some frustrating elements to it but for a franchise like “V/H/S” that was in need for some desperate consistency of quality from its movies have two back to back good entries is refreshing.

“V/H/S 99” continues on the improvement of the series that “V/H/S 94” started. Unfortunately for “V/H/S 99” it lacks in the more important qualities to give it anything higher than a 3/5.