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Looking Back at Panic! At The Discos Discography. What Was the Best?

Looking Back at Panic! At The Disco’s Discography. What Was the Best?

February 1, 2023

With the recent breakup of Panic! At The Disco, it is as good a time as ever to take a look back at all the albums the band released over 19 years. The band made a lot of good music, but it most certainly...

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“It’s Been a Hell of a Journey” Panic! At The Disco Announces the End of Their Music Career

January 24, 2023

The band began as a pop rock band in 2004, and released their debut album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out the next year. The band would become know for its stylistic change with every new album. Urie said...

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Top Five Christmas Movies of All Time

December 30, 2022

There is one thing about Christmas movies that differ from other movies. The thing that makes Christmas movies special is that sense of Christmas spirit, that feeling that no other holiday can bring. There...

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“V/H/S 99” Adds Solid Entry to “V/H/S” Franchise

October 27, 2022

"V/H/S 99" plays into the normal V/H/S formula with the exception of a B-plot, and this decision to not include a B-plot is very disappointing. Despite the exclusion of a key element, "V/H/S 99" continues...

Photo Credit: Zack Jones

RMU’s Creepy Conference Bring the Fun and the Fear

October 26, 2022

This year's Creepy Conference was filled with costumes from all sorts of genres and places of pop culture. These costumes included Poison Ivy, a Plague Doctor, to Matt Murdock to just a regular ghost....

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Does “Halloween Ends” Do the Franchise Justice?

October 18, 2022

From the moment "Halloween Ends" begins you can just tell that something feels off about the movie. Once the movie really gets going you finally can tell what is really off. The movie plays out much more...

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Andor: A Step Away from Traditional Star Wars Shows

September 26, 2022

"Andor" is a far cry from what many "Star Wars" fans are used to. "Andor" is dark, mature and its story is a slow burn. In the most recent years, "Star Wars" has been producing more light-hearted and action...

POLICE BLOTTER in white lettering over top of a black background. There are two baby blue circles and a red circle behind the end of BLOTTER

Police Blotter (Aug 16, 2022-Aug 22, 2022)

August 26, 2022

8/16/2022, Suspicious Person: The student reported an unknown person in their suite in Washington Hall. Officers responded and checked the suite. All rooms were found empty. The door was locked after the...

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