Star Wars: Bad Batch Season Two is a Massive Step Up From Season One

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Finn Lyons, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season one was met with a lot of mixed reviews. While season one had some great episodes, it was mostly made of filler episodes with little character development.

Season two started off not too promising with the same issues season one had. The first five episodes (excluding episode three) were classic Bad Batch filler episodes where The Bad Batch crew has some random task to do assigned from their boss Cid, and it goes wrong. The Bad Batch then have a scene or two of character development, then they solve the problem and everything is fine.

Lucky episode three, and from episode six onward the shows all become some of the best Star Wars content we have gotten in the last few years. These later episodes really show the genius behind the series. We got to look back at some unfinished storylines and characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We saw what fan favorite clone Commander Cody was up to after the war, and how he would influence our rogue Bad Batch member Crosshair. We would get to see Kashyyyk and how the Empire slowly destroyed the planet and made it what it was in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. It is things like this that made this season shine, along with each character getting their own episode for character development.

The biggest thing from this season is that all the members of The Bad Batch became their own character and not just a background character that was just there because they had to be. Hunter, Tech and Crosshair were really the only characters in the first season that had any sort of personality to them. The rest of the group (Echo, Wreaker and Omega) really only had one thing about them. If Echo and Wreaker said 200 words in season one that would be a lot. In season two however, we saw Echo and Wreaker become real character with real motivations that made sense for their character.

Hunter, Tech and Crosshair were not left out from character development. Tech and Crosshair especially had their fair share, with the episodes focusing on Crosshair being some of the best in the whole show.

The final verdict on Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season two is that despite the show starting off with issues that carried over from season one, the back half of this season was incredible. The finale was gut-wrenching and the whole season tricks you into having a false sense of hope that there is going to be a happy ending then the show just rips it away from you, and yet it is still satisfying. I was not that excited for season two, but now I can not wait for the third and final season to drop next year.