RMU Hosts Second Rock Paper Scissors Tournament


Photo Credit: Finn Lyons

Finn Lyons, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Office of Residence Life here at RMU hosted part two to their Rock Paper Scissors event last semester. Campus Advisor Ben Herman led the event once again.

The tournament began with the introduction of special guest President Michelle Patrick. President Patrick gave a small speech about how great it is to see this many people come out to an event like this.

The tournament then began with a video of beloved groundskeeper, John Tucci, signing the national anthem. After this nice video appearance from Tucci the competitors were randomly assigned into a 17-person bracket. Because of the odd numbers there was a play in game between players five and 16. Each round was best of three until the third-place game, which was best of one, and the finals, which was best of seven. Once you lost you were out of the tournament.

Each match was played one at a time where each set of players came up to the front of the room to battle it out. The winners of part two of the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament were third place Warren Corbete who won a Burger King crown and a tiny medal, second Jared McFadden who won a Burger King crown and a Batman rubber duck, and in first place was Jake Hall who went home with a Burger King crown, a tiny gold medal, and a full whopper meal.

“The long running joke between us is the whopper commercial from Burger King. So, I thought it would be what fits for this because it’s really funny and nobody expects a cold whopper meal as a first-place prize, along with a Burger King crown,” said Herman.

The tournament was not done after this as last semester’s winner Treston Yoder challenged this semester’s winner to a final match to determine the ultimate RMU rock, paper, scissors player. In the best of seven competition that went five rounds, this year’s champion, Jake Hall, claimed the ultimate title.

Ben Herman hopes he can come back next year with the help of Residence Life and host part three to this rock, paper, scissors tournament.