Moving in ? Advice for freshman


Paul Wintruba

Moving in to Yorktown Hall.

Troy Buchlmayer, Staff Reporter

Moving into college your first year can be challenging. But it does not have to be difficult when you have everything you need! Personally, I have made two trips back home within three days because of items I forgot to bring when I first moved in. Luckily, I live relatively close to campus, but for some people that live 100s and 100s of miles away; going home is simply not an option. At this point, you are on your own to get the materials you need.

Check your packing list multiple times and make a list of things that you find necessary. If you are not much of a list person and are more visual, try setting up your bedroom the way your dorm may look like! This will help insure that you have absolutely everything you need. Double check that you have all your pencils, pens, and yes, even a light bulb for your desk lamp.

If your parents are helping you move into college, you should prepare for the unknown. Parents are only out for our best interest, but sometimes it may be too much. Of course, it is very nice of parents to offer to help you move in, but when your parent’s start making “suggestions” of where things should go, it can make the situation rather frustrating and awkward. If you have a dad like mine, he will try to redesign the entire dorm room. Everything from where the beds should be, to how the desks should face.

On move-in day, as you are on your way to campus, let your parents know that you are thankful for their help, but just let them know that you have already planned where you want everything, that you can handle making the decisions of where your stuff is going, and that no renovation and furniture moving will be necessary for now.

Saying goodbye to your parents can be a hard thing after you have moved in. Of course, you are going to say goodbye and give them a hug and maybe even a kiss goodbye. If your mom is like my mom she will give you multiple hugs and remind you countless times to call at least 3 times a day. Of course other people will be around and you will be thinking to yourself, “Will they ever leave? They are really embarrassing.” Understand there is no way around this. Your parents could not care less of who is around, all they know is that they will not see you for a long time and will miss you!

If you are in a dorm like mine, the showers and restrooms are both communal. This was a transition for me. Instead of my brother and I sharing a bathroom, I now have to share a restroom and showers with an entire floor. If you are nervous about using the showers with others around, then use them when most people would either be sleeping or going to class. Also, do not be too awkward about it, as it will only draw more unwanted attention. After a few days it may not bother you anymore!

Move-in day can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Make the best of it even if you get annoyed with your parents! Remember, they are only there for you, and it will all be over in a couple of hours! You will miss your parents no doubt. College is a big transition!