Oasis lives forever

Mike Funyak, Staff Reporter

2014 marks the 20th anniversary for the debut of the album ‘Definitely Maybe’ by British band Oasis. To mark the anniversary, the group has released a deluxe re-mastered edition of the album, which includes much more than the original album. Along with the original album, the new deluxe edition includes two discs of B-sides and rare tracks including acoustic versions of the group’s first singles, demos, and early live performances of the songs.

When the first album was re-released in May of 2014, news also broke that the group’s extremely popular follow up album “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” would be released later in the year. The time has now come for fans to purchase the second album by Oasis. When fans first heard the group’s follow up album in 1995, they were not disappointed and now can relive the hype in 2014. Just like the previous release, a deluxe edition will be available to purchase with additional songs as well as a vinyl or LP edition.

Listening to these albums today takes listeners back to the 1990s when rock and pop music was making a comeback in the industry. It also takes Oasis fans back to a time when there was little to no tension between band members, particularly brothers Noel & Liam Gallagher.

Although these re-releases are great, I was disappointed with the way they were announced. The official Oasis Twitter account sent out tweets that led to the assumption that the Gallagher brothers had made up and a reunion was possible. Although I did not hold my breath due to the fact both brothers had denied a reunion, it was a let down for hopeful fans.

Liam Gallagher has stated he is not a fan of the re-released albums because they are already mastered. Although I am a fan of the release, I hear very few differences between the albums I already own and the new re-masters. Yes, the differences are slight to none but it’s not worth buying the box sets if you aren’t interested in the extra songs. Sure, the extra tracks are great and rare but it’s my only reason for purchasing these box sets. For years it has been difficult to track down the individual singles Oasis released to the public prior to their break-up in 2009, so their addition to the box sets are great.

The deluxe box sets also include some great photographs from the bands early days. Some critics claim that the debut album is the best album Oasis released, followed by their second. In ways I agree with that statement, and it is without question that shortly after the release of “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory,” the groups popularity waned.

With songs on these albums like Rock N’ Roll Star, Supersonic, Cigarette’s & Alcohol, Live Forever, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, Roll With It, and She’s Electric, it is without question that Oasis made their mark on the 1990s and music fans everywhere.

Rating 3.5 Star out of 5