Return of The Walking Dead


Sean Koepfinger, Assistant A&E Editor

It’s been a few months since we last saw our zombie-fighting heroes in action.  At the end of the mid-season finale our group’s morale was shattered when Beth was killed, leaving us on a somber note.  “What happened, what’s going on?” picks back up on that same note, giving us fragmented and dream-like glimpses of events that take place later in the episode.

After a member of the group is bit, he begins to hallucinate and we are greeted with some familiar faces including Lizzie, Mika, Martin, Beth, and The Governor.  These ghostly visions are the best thing about this episode.  It is a fresh concept for the show and a nice departure from some of the stale episodes we’ve had before.  We’ve seen people get infected before and watching someone slowly die is, unfortunately, incredibly dull.  By switching things up and showing us the world through dying eyes, a potentially boring episode takes on new life.

Another important note is that the group ended the mid-season back in Atlanta where the series began.  With roughly five seasons on the road, Rick and his crew have essentially gone in a circle.  But where will they go next?  Michonne addresses the issue and tells Rick that, despite Eugene’s lies, they should head towards D.C. anyways.

This location is extremely important in the comic series, housing one of the longest running story arcs in the comic’s history.  Even within the episode there are a few possible references to this story line; in particular, there is one scene where Glenn picks up a baseball bat.  While this could just be a coincidence, any reader of the comics could immediately make the connection.

Since the TV series has been known to stray from the source material, there is no way to know whether or not they will take that route and bring our group to the town of Alexandria.  But Alexandria-bound or not, our group is on its way to D.C., and the show is long overdue for some more action. D.C. seems like the place to find some.

What did you think of the mid-season premiere?  What do you think is in store for our heroes?  Let us know in the comments below.