The Order 1886 Review


Tyler Jorgensen

The order 1886 starts out with the main character, Galahad, being tortured. We have no idea why he is being tortured. After 2 minutes of being tortured we are able to escape and find out more about Galahad. Not long after we learn that the torture scene happens towards the end of the game. The game then officially starts out with Galahad leading a team of “knights” trying to uncover a secret plan that if unleashed will not only put England in danger, but the world.

The gameplay of The Order is very restricted. You are following a set path that the developers want you to follow. This game has a lot of walking and very few scenes where you’re shooting a gun. This game consists of cutscenes, walking, shooting, a very brief stealth scene, picking up papers or examining objects, and quick time events. The shooting aspects of the game consist of getting into cover and trying to hit moving targets.

There are times when you do have A.I. partners helping you out, but you can’t give commands to them. Because of this, they aren’t very helpful most of the time and the task of clearing the entire room falls to you.

The game does have an interesting revive mechanic where if you are almost killed you get a second chance by drinking the “Dark water” which is pretty much the Holy Grail. Once you drink the dark water you recover from all your wounds and fight like nothing happened.

At certain points in the game you fight werewolves. At first this can be tricky, but after dying you figure out how they can be defeated. This game also has two bosses and both are the same. They both are quick time events that if you fail to hit the right button then you die. These bosses are very boring to watch due to how scripted they play out.

The game can be completed in about 4 hours if you are used to shooting games. this game has more cutscenes than it does parts where you play. The cutscenes are not skippable so even if you’ve seen them and don’t want to watch them, you still have to. This kills the replay value of this game because I can’t skip the scenes and get right into the gameplay. Other than the main story there is no multiplayer mode, and the story isn’t co-op.

I can’t recommend this game due to how little it has to offer people. A four hour campaign, no skippable cutscenes, and no multiplayer or co-op. This game gets a 5/10; this is definitely a rent and it does not deserve to be played by all, and if you bought this game, then I’m sorry.

Pros: It looks good, the guns look cool

Cons: Can’t skip the story, the boss fights, no reason to replay, it’s the same every time you play it.