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Welcome to RMU Sentry Media’s Blogs! Below are our multiple blogs that all have a specific focus and niche, so there is something for everyone! Please note that the opinions expressed in these blogs belong solely to each individual blogger and not RMU Sentry Media as a whole.

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D1: ACHA Club Hockey

RMU Sentry Media staff writer Audrey Gardner talks about what’s going on with RMU’s D1 club hockey team. The wins, the losses, and everything in between.

Life after Littlefield: Pirates Blog

RMU Sentry Media blogger Jarrod Blumer keeps this blog updated with pre and post game analysis and coverage of everything related to the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh’s Major League Baseball team.

‘Round about Pittsburgh

RMU Sentry Media staff writer Mike Funyak, the staff’s one true yinzer, chats about anything and everything involving the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is just a 30-minute drive from campus.

 Sentry Sunday Scoreboard

RMU Staff Writer Dan Kitchen provides analysis of the NFL, from weekly picks and fantasy football advice to NFL Draft analysis and player evaluations.

Stay Fresh, man!

Get a “fresh” view of what’s going on at RMU this year! Common questions answered, events highlighted, and the voice of the Class of 2016 heard.

Student Sound Off

Have a concern or issue with something on-campus? Voice your opinion; we would love to hear it! Just submit your post to our staff via email to [email protected], and it could appear right here! Please note that we reserve the right to determine what posts will be displayed publicly on the site.