Pet of the Week: Chrome


Chrome is a cool cat. A very cool cat. There is something so alluring about him — he is confident, leader-like, playful, loving, friendly and so handsome. He is very lively and loves to play with toys, people and other cats. He loves to wrestle. It is a good idea to watch your arm because it could be the victim of a toothy takedown.

He is great with other cats and will make fast friends with any feline, especially one who likes physical play. If cat MMA or wrestling ever becomes popular, then Chrome is sure to be the champ. When he isn’t practicing his half nelson, he is snuggling with his human.

He likes lap time and will purr and nuzzle. Be careful. When lover boy gets overstimulated, he nips, so we recommend his adopter be an experienced cat owner who can mitigate this.

At some point in his life, Chrome had a leg injury and he walks with a limp due to bone spurs. He doesn’t let his injury stop his antics, but he would do best in a home where jumping from high places is not an option. He’ll benefit from joint supplements for his arthritis. Someone loves me so Chrome so much they have sponsored his adoption fee. If he sounds like a good fit for you and your home, stop by Animal Friends to meet him today!