Pet of the Week: Joker

Are you a calm person looking for a sensitive companion in your life?  If so, Joker might be worth a look!  He probably won’t run you a warm bath or rub your back after a long day at work, but he can be a very affectionate guy in the right environment.  Joker seems to have a super kitty power—he can sense the emotions of the people and animals around him. Like a lot of special powers, Joker’s impressive abilities are not always easy for the super hero. This wonderful little guy has been returned to Animal Friends twice. In Joker’s case, he becomes more anxious as his environment becomes more stressful.  Although his ideal adopter might be cool as a cucumber, he or she doesn’t have to be. Joker would probably do well in any quiet and calm home as the only pet. If you can give Joker that home, stop by Animal Friends to meet him!