Alien in RMU: Freshman in progress

In August I started my first semester as a university student after five years of graduating from high school.  That is not because I am lazy or something, but I spent the last three years in Canada learning English.  Before that I was at college in my country. Yes I have a diploma, but out of nowhere as soon as I graduated they canceled the Diploma recognition in my country. That is why I have began again at the starting point. I’ll explain what happened to me in Canada in a different article, but that’s the reason why I’m late.  If all that didn’t happen I should be progressing my master studies right now. Yeah I have ambition. That is what happened to me after graduating from high school and it was a really hard time for me.

Let me start about the first week of the semester, I felt that “I’m not ready. Oh my god, what is this language? I didn’t study this language!” But guess what? It was normal English. I was so nervous and that’s why it was hard to understand.  Another thing was, I was away from these materials for about five long years. So, with calculus or chemistry I couldn’t follow with my professors because of that gap right there. Also the professors were expecting a lot from the students from my country and myself. They think teaching in my country and learning is the same as here. They don’t know we don’t like schools or studying because the way the education is run there. The students in Saudi Arabia feel like they are in jail when they go to school. They have to wear a uniform of three layers even though the weather is very hot there. They don’t allow bringing food with you, bringing cell phones, and going to a nice restaurant in your break time. At he cafeteria there, all the students in the school are there and they to get their food at the same time with only one sale man there. I will let you imagine that. The teachers there do not care about the students or if they understand or not. Sometimes they are teaching a subject that is not their major. That is the reason why we find to have a hard time in the university, especially in the first semester.

In the conclusion, I hope that my first article is good and you like it. Also I wish that we improve ourselves and start to focus and study everyday not just the night of exam. Another thing is we have to be part of a community of the university. Don’t be shy, you have to do something here.