‘Round about Pittsburgh: Koppers Names New President & CEO

Logo Courtesy of Koppers Holding Inc.

Logo Courtesy of Koppers Holding Inc.

Mike Funyak, Staff Writer

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Koppers Holding Inc., headquartered in Downtown Pittsburgh, announced on Friday November 1 that the company has appointed Leroy Ball, President and CEO January 1, 2015 succeeding current President and CEO Walt Turner.

Walt Turner was elected President and CEO of Koppers in 1998 and has spent his career with the company, which started in 1969. Turner has been a director for the company since November 2004.

Elected as Chief Operating Officer in May 2014, Ball has since served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Koppers. Prior to joining Koppers, Ball served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Calgon Carbon Corporation, another Pittsburgh-based business.

Koppers Holding Inc.,(KOP) is a public company trades on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is an integrated global producer of carbon compounds, chemicals and treated wood products for the aluminum, railroad, specialty chemical, utility, rubber, steel, residential lumber and agriculture industries.