Fly By Night: Week 8 NFL Picks

Well last week I blew it. I only went 9-4. Sounds like I should be happy with my record, right? Well all the other experts had 10 or 11 wins, minimum. I tried finding every upset so I could go perfect and make up some games. Now I am 59-45, which puts me unhappily close tot he worst – 12th place of thirteen participants. This week I’m making up enough to get me back to 5th place soon. I liked it better up there.

Minnesota over Tampa Bay

Chicago over Carolina

San Diego over Cleveland

Seattle over Detroit

Green Bay over Jacksonville

Indianapolis over Tennessee

New England over St. Louis

Miami over New York Jets

Atlanta over Philadelphia

Pittsburgh over Washington

Oakland over Kansas City

New York Giants over Dallas

Denver over New Orleans

San Fransisco over Arizona


Well those are the picks. I’m fairly confident that I will make up some ground in what will prove to be a challenging week for experts.

I also would like to include a shameless plug for the Robert Morris Political Coverage Event that we still have yet to name. It’s running from 8 PM to 11PM, and is available everywhere online at least, and on TV in the Moon area. We are putting a tremendous amount of effort into it, and I guarantee it is far more entertaining than the generic coverage we watch every four years on whatever network you prefer!

God Bless and Go Steelers!

– Dan