NFL Picks, Week 13

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we are nice and bloated, it is time to prepare for Christmas. Given the economy though, it seems fitting that cutbacks be made. Don’t buy as much as you normally would for friends and family, and donate what money you saved to a charity or calling of your choosing. The money you expected to spend remains the same, but others are helped along with those who eagerly await the bounty under the tree on Christmas Day. This isn’t a political ideology of mine, nor an expression of religion. I write this in one of my articles somewhere at the beginning of every Christmas season in the hopes that someone less fortunate can be benefited and experience a small Christmas of their own that they otherwise would not have had.

On a lighter note, I went 7-6 last week, keeping me tied with one ESPN expert for dead last with a record of 102-73. I have run out of ways to sugar-coat my place in the standings by this point, and have not the heart to make some joke referencing a movie or children’s book. So I will just leave it at “I’m tied for last”, and hope it changes by next weekend.

Cleveland over Jacksonville

Tennessee over Indianapolis

Chicago over Minnesota

Miami over New York Jets

Philadelphia over Arizona

Tampa Bay over Carolina

New England over Houston

Buffalo over Atlanta

San Francisco over St. Louis

Denver over Kansas City

Cincinnati over San Diego

New York Giants over Washington

Seattle over New Orleans

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, got to spend time with those you love, and have a pleasant month heading up to the Christmas season!

God Bless!

– Dan