NFL Picks, Week 16

I’ll start by saying I apologize to anyone who checks here for their NFL picks directly before the 1 P.M. kickoff, a storm took our power out at home, leaving me with no internet or way to get to an access point until just about a half hour ago. On the positive side, this also means that I still have no clue how games are going, making my picks authentic. So, in the sake of time and getting the picks up as quickly as possible, I will skip an introduction and just wish you and your entire family a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Years!

Standings Update: 10-6 last week, 132-91 record overall, one game out of second-to-last place vs. the ESPN experts

Miami over Buffalo

Cincinnati over Minnesota

Kansas City over Indianapolis

St. Louis over Tampa Bay

New York Jets over Cleveland

Dallas over Washington

Carolina over New Orleans

Tennessee over Jacksonville

Denver over Houston

Detroit over New York Giants

Seattle over Arizona

Pittsburgh over Green Bay

San Diego over Oakland

New England over Baltimore

Philadelphia over Chicago

San Francisco over Atlanta


Again, I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming week, gets to spend time with those they love, and has fun dealing with the suspense of an NFL playoff race!

God Bless!

– Dan