NFL Picks, Week 17

After sixteen weeks of hard-fought action, the final week of the NFL season is here, and fans should be pleased to know that many teams are still alive in the playoff race, and there are even a couple games that the winner makes the playoffs, and the loser goes home. That makes for one of the best final weeks in recent memory, which shapesthe draft and leads to better ideas of who should be the first overall draft pick and who should win the Super Bowl. Here is where some intense fandom can arise; for example, I know that at least one Steeler fan will be rocking memorabilia from Kansas City, the Jets, and of course his Steelers today, and fans from the Cowboys and Eagles will not say three words of kindness to the other for several weeks (should their team lose). So celebrate how you will for the games, and remember to enjoy the ride that is the playoff race!

Last week was a 12-4 week, pushing my record to 144-95, moving me ahead of one ESPN expert and into a tie with another for second-to-last. I won’t be winning this season, but it could have been worse. I could have finished under .500.

Carolina over Atlanta

Cincinnati over Baltimore

Tennessee over Houston

Indianapolis over Jacksonville

Miami over New York Jets

Detroit over Minnesota

New York Giants over Washington

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

Green Bay over Chicago

Denver over Oakland

New England over Buffalo

New Orleans over Tampa Bay

San Francisco over Arizona

San Diego over Kansas City

Seattle over St. Louis

Philadelphia over Dallas


I hope everyone enjoyed the regular season, and for those of you that have a team (or teams) in the playoffs, I hope you enjoy the playoffs as well!

God Bless!

– Dan