NFL Picks, Week 5

I believe that if one is to learn anything from this NFL season, it is that you should never bet on football. I can only imagine how much money has been lost by people picking against Cleveland, rooting for Washington, or picking the Steelers or Giants in the preseason to make the playoffs. That being said, a 9-6 performance last week was about all that can be expected this season from picks, and a 37-26 record through four weeks is far better than it may seem. This also marks the first week I believe this season that I have NOT been in at least a share of last place vs. the ESPN pickers (now I’m just third from the bottom). But, as an extremely overused Drake song says, I started from the bottom, so eventually I should be wherever “here” is.

Cleveland over Buffalo

Chicago over New Orleans

New England over Cincinnati

Green Bay over Detroit

Kansas City over Tennessee

Seattle over Indianapolis

St. Louis over Jacksonville

Baltimore over Miami

Philadelphia over New York Giants

Carolina over Arizona

Denver over Dallas

San Francisco over Houston

San Diego over Oakland

Atlanta over New York Jets


As always, I wish you a wonderful remainder of your weekend, a good upcoming week, and the best of luck to whichever team you root for!

God Bless!

– Dan