Not in my Castle on a Cloud: NFL Week 15-16 Picks

Daniel Kitchen, NFL Staff Writer

I think that’s how the lyrics went in Les Miserables. Been awhile since I sang that in choir, and I have not yet had the fortune to see the movie. I’ve heard amazing things about it though!

Again, I blame Christmas holidays for my lack of pick posting. It is also much quicker to type up draft Big Boards than anything else, which is why they are more regularly updated. Again I will play catch-up, and post who I had winning last week first: Cincinatti (W), Atlanta (W), Green Bay (W), Washington (W), St. Louis (L), Miami (W), New Orleans (W), Denver (W), Houston (W), Seattle (W), Detroit (L), Carolina (W), Dallas (W), Oakland (W), New England (L), and the New York Jets (L). The record for thw week was 12-4, which surprisingly beat every other experts’ record.

My record before my Week 14 picks was 124-68, a tie for sixth place. Pretty bad by my opinion. My 9-7 record didn’t help matters. 133-75 left me still tied for sixth, and none closer to improving in the standings. Adding my Week 15 scores, 145-79 moves me up a spot, tying me for fifth place. Being eleven spots out of first, logic says I have no shot of winning it all. I refuse to give up hope though. As a special treat, I looked up last year’s totals to compare myself with. My 9-7 record gave me a finishing total of 164-92. I have no idea how the rest of the experts finished, but I assume I did not pass either man ahead of me, and one probably at least tied me, so, to be safe, I am claiming 4th place out of experts plus myself. I need 19 wins in two weeks to finish as well as last year, which is doable. Winning? Eh we’ll see.

Now for the picks:

Atlanta over Detroit

Dallas over New Orleans

Green Bay over Tennessee

Indianapolis over Kansas City

Miami over Buffalo

San Diego over New York Jets

Washington over Philadelphia

Pittsburgh over Cincinatti

St. Louis over Tampa Bay

Carolina over Oakland

New England over Jacksonville

Houston over Minnesota

Denver over Cleveland

Chicago over Arizona

New York Giants over Baltimore

Seattle over San Fransisco


Aside from the last pick, I am confident I have a chance to have an undefeated week, something I have never seen done before (at least by a refutable and qualified football analyst). Maybe my third or better finish isn’t such a pipe dream after all…

God Bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

– Dan