Steel Curtain Sessions: Defense Fails Again (Week 13)

Josh Herzing, Contributor

Yes, I am back after a bye week for the Steelers and yes, I am once again let down. The Steelers lost a key home game down the stretch against the Saints 35-32 Sunday and it was just an all around horrid performance by the defense. The Steelers use to be very well known for their great defenses and physical play, but these past few seasons including this one have displayed some of the worst defenses in Steelers franchise history. The Steelers were never able to get that one or two key stops they needed in order to help them push for the lead. They are now 7-5 on the season and look like a team that can’t stay consistent to save their lives.


The chances of this team making the playoffs are almost at zero now after seeing how bad that defense can really be. If they had just gotten one or two key stops, the offense could have gotten them the points they needed to take a lead and potentially win. It just pains me to see how this organization fails to realize how bad this defense is and they make little to no effort to improve it. The Steelers refuse to sign free agents unless they suck shit like Mike Mitchell and Cam Thomas. They think they can just draft guys and wait ten years for them to maybe be good and win a Super Bowl potentially.


This type of scheme has got to stop. The Steelers need to make trades and try and sign at least one big free agent. This pattern of missing the playoffs will really piss off the fans and this city and three years in a row is unacceptable for a franchise of this caliber. Mike Tomlin better shape up this team or he may be seeing potentially his last days as the Steelers’ head coach. All over this team has got many flaws and things to be fixed. Outside of a sixth round pick in Antonio Brown, if you really think about it; the Steelers really don’t have any other solid receivers around him. The defense outside of the secondary can’t tackle and they look horrid against the run. Honestly the Steelers have go to make a better effort and if they don’t they will continue to be mediocre and piss off more and more fans.


Positives & Negatives:


Positives: Very few, but Bell looked very good in both running and catching the ball. Big Ben started slow, but in the second half he came up big and Antonio Brown contributed to that.

Negatives: Starting to realize how little support around Antonio Brown in the receiving core there is. The defense is just awful in all ways imaginable. They don’t intimidate anyone anymore and it’s sad. Horrible pass defense and hardly any tackling. I could go on forever… but I do not want my fingers to fall off.


Next Week’s Matchup:

The Bengals in Cinci. I think this might be it for this season folks. If they lose this game they’re screwed and the Steelers have not done anything to give people faith in them this weekend against the Bengals.