Issues: Energy and Environment less important than 2008

Andrea Zanaglio, Editor-in-Chief

A September 2012 Pew Research Center Survey revealed that energy and environmental issues are far less important to voters in this year’s presidential race, than in years past.

Seventy-seven percent of voters said such issues were very important to their vote in 2008, compared to just 55 percent this year.

However, a separate poll conducted by Hart Research Associates last month shows that Americans are still interested in alternative energy. The poll states that 92 percent of voters believe it’s important for the U.S. to develop and use more solar energy.

So why voters are less interested if many believe in investing in solar energy?

RMU energy and sustainability professor Dr. Gavin Buxton believes it is the media and corporations’ influences that skew the public’s perception. Buxton said that the importance of energy and environmental issues will remain unimportant until corporations realize they can make more money by investing in renewable resources.