Alcohol Sales at the University Boulevard Giant Eagle Bring Mixed Reactions

Angelique Arenas, Moon News Cloud Contributor

Beer for Moon Township residents is now much closer.

Shoppers who visit the Giant Eagle on University Boulevard now will be able to purchase beer, but that is just the first phase in what should be an expanded alcohol selection. No final plans are yet in place.

Some shoppers are excited about the chance to buy beer. One of them is Adam Prevade.

“Personally, I only drink beer, so this is perfect because I can stop at one place and buy snacks and beer,” he said.

Rebecca Washington, a mother of two, sees it differently. “My children are still young but that doesn’t mean I want to take them grocery shopping and have to pass the beer section.

“I feel that alcohol sales and the grocery store shopping should be separate events.”

With the proximity of the Giant Eagle to Robert Morris University, there is another question being asked: Will there be an increase in drinking, especially underage drinking, on the campus?

There’s no way to answer that question definitively now.