Area Residents Feel Pain as Search for Missing Plane Continues

By Kyra Mayo, Moon News Cloud Contributor

It’s been almost three weeks since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared. With the search area now focusing off the Australian coast, Moon-area residents are likely many around the world — desperate to know what happened.

“I would be furious if I found out what had happened to my loved one through the news or a text message. That’s terrible,” said Moon Township resident Sarah Geyer, in response to hearing that some families were alerted via text message.

“I see planes come and go all the time during the day. I couldn’t imagine one of those just going missing out the blue and no one knowing what happened to it,” Geyer said.

The fatal crash of USAir Flight 427 near Aliquippa on Sept. 8, 1994 is a glaring reminder for people of the area that tragedies do happen and created sympathy for those affected by the missing MH370 flight.

“If someone told me through a text or I found out through the news that my family had died in a crash, I wouldn’t know what to do. How could you do that to someone?” said Coraopolis resident Melina McConnell.

“I just hope the families get the closure they need no matter what it takes. That’s all I would want. Not $5,000 from the airlines. Just tell me what happened,” McConnell said.

“I just wish there was something we could do to help. I feel so bad for all of those people,” Geyer said.